Tango Down sells 100,000 in three weeks, update inbound

Ignition Entertainment’s downloadable shooter Blacklight: Tango Down has sold over 100,000 copies, the developer’s announced today, along with giving a heads up on a patch that’s hitting the PC and Xbox Live Arcade versions today and PlayStation Network in the coming weeks.

“Spawn issues, round times, matchmaking and several other issues” have been dealt with, and those not yet convinced of the game’s worthyness can try out a trial version which has been updated accordingly.

“What we have always tried to do from the outset with Tango Down is rewrite the rules for DLG’s,” says Marcus Beer, PR Director for UTV Ignition. “By listening to player feedback and releasing this second free update, we are showing our commitment to gamers that we will continue to support and improve the game, which is not something that often happens with downloadable games.”

As revealed not too long ago, the studio’s also chipping away on a mech-enhanced Tango Down 2 for next summer.