PlayStation Move demo shows off tech’s versatility

Judging from this new PlayStation Move tech demo, Sony’s motion controller has already caught up to the Wii Motion Plus from a technology standpoint. And then some. The friendly demonstrator displays how specific the Move can be when he shows off a decapitating death blow compared to a slight love tap using the sword demo. He also uses a motion controller in each hand to control dino claws that easily navigate a small environment of tree branches.

Combined with an eye toy, the two motion controllers are able to create a whole virtual version of the demonstrator’s upper body so that he can engage in fast paced Zeno Clash style combat. For fans of traditional games, there’s a strategy game demo that shows how the PS Move can make controlling console-based troops just as easy as on a PC.

Since no FPS demo was shown, we’re suspecting that PS3 does not want to challenge the status quo of dual analog control just yet. This makes sense, since shooters do not exactly sell like hotcakes on the Wii.

If the demo psyched you up, you should know that the PS Move is launching in Europe on September 15 and in North America on September 19.