Unlikely crew to headline upcoming Telltale Games title

Via GTTV (4:40 mark), Telltale Games has released a brief teaser for an unannounced project which features the silhouettes of  an interesting mix of iconic old school characters including Tycho Brahe (Penny Arcade Adventures), Max (Sam & Max), The Heavy (Team Fortress 2) and Strong Bad (Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People).

With the tagline; “bet you never thought these guys would get together,” the studio couldn’t be more spot-on. These characters span numerous adventure games and a team-based shooter, so the genre of the unnamed title is highly unpredictable. Couple this with the fact that the characters are owned by three different developers (Telltale Games, Valve and Hothead Games) and we have a lot of guesswork on our hands.

However from the image above it is clear that at least two of the characters are holding a hand of cards, potentially pointing towards some sort of RPG card-game. It could also be a title like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series, which took a similar cross-developer, cross-genre cast and made an all-star brawler game.

The trailer tells us to expect more information on September 2, so all our questions on this mysterious title are sure to be answered within a week.