The MMO Round-Up / Aug 29

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

A new developer diary for The Secret World revealed the origins of the Templars in London.

The open beta for Final Fantasy XIV will be on Aug 31 and in the meantime you can check out this pre-release trailer.

9Dragons has been acquired from Acclaim by GamersFirst and Acclaim has shut its doors forever, again.

An unintended source of income is getting removed from EVE Online, sorry guys.

The Freya expansion for Lineage II dropped this week as the game remains under fire for being too addictive.

Crack open a bottle of rum because it may be a while before we get to see the Pirates of the Burning Sea expansion due to its recent delay.

The character creation for Rift has been shown off in a couple of videos that are very pleasing to the eyes.

Cryptic revealed this week the details of what’s to be expected for the one year anniversary celebrations for Champions Online.

What was the best free-to-play game seen at Gamescom this year you ask? Black Prophecy is the answer.

The family friendly MMO Wizard101 is coming to Europe via German publisher Gameforge.

Ex-Realtime Worlds employee spoke candidly about the situation with his former place of employment.

The Necromancer class has been revealed for the for the upcoming Guild Wars 2.

The newest patch for Fallen Earth will address some issues with the game’s animations.

As is to be expect from Aion, here is another gorgeous video of the upcoming content update.

Fallen Earth’s dev team discussed inevitable changes to the game’s combat system.

Vigil talked about the technology powering the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online.