University of Florida offers a course on StarCraft II

In literature, music, art, or film you can sometimes find college courses dedicated to individual works. A whole course on every frickin’ detail you’d ever want to know about Hamlet, or maybe a deep exploration of Casablanca and just what it really did for film. Well, video games have started to show up in universities, and now there’s a course on a specific title. Namely, StarCraft II.  Go figure.

The University of Florida will begin offering the course “21st Century Skills in StarCraft.” The class’s instructor is Ph. D candidate Nate Polling, and his justification involves potential management skills one can gain from playing the game.

“A student who gets a normal education, gets an MBA, and is in the business world, he could realize that something he learned in his StarCraft course helps him think outside of the box… You synthesize this with an MBA program and voila – you have an innovative business practice.”

Before all you U of Florida students start flocking to register for the course, know that it’s not the most inviting. The course will hold no bearing on GPA for undergrads, and it will only be offered to students in the Honors Program or those already familiar with the game. Being the kind of blog this is… I suppose most of you would meet half the requirements.

While not exactly meant as a deep exploration of game design, it’s pretty awesome that our beloved medium is looked to for potential tools that can lead tomorrow’s business leaders in new directions. Having said that, let’s hope Academia never plays Trauma Center.