Nintendo to cut DSi, DSi XL costs by $20 on Sept. 12

With just about a month away from the expected Sept. 29 price and release date reveal for the 3DS, Nintendo is rolling out a price drop on the soon-to-be elder DSi and DSi XL models. Starting on Sept. 12, both will get a $20 price cut, bringing the new suggested retail price of the DSi to $149.99 and the DSi XL to $169.99. The ole Game Boy Advance-compatible Nintendo DS Lite will remain at $129.99.

Nintendo was quick to point out the DS family’s record-setting might via press release, calling it the, “best-selling portable video game system in history” and stating that the new prices “offer consumers tremendous value for their money while providing access to the best portable video game experiences possible.”

Whether you’re planning to wait for the heralded 3DS, the price drops on the earlier DSi models should come as wallet-friendly news.