Successful new IP mean more to Sony than outselling the competition?

In the games industry, sometimes a shift in focus can be the thing that drives success. Nintendo threw out the idea that the awesomest hardware would win the day, and as a result has one of the top selling consoles of all time, and its life span hasn’t even ended. It seems Sony, after spending a long time basically just smack talking their competitors (and sometimes in weird ways), is starting to just focus on making their platform one with good games and ambitious new IP. Beating out Microsoft and Nintendo, it seems, isn’t the key focus anymore.

“There are a whole number of metrics we could measure success by,” said Sony Worldwide Studios head in Europe Ben Wilson at Gamescom, “but for me on a worldwide studios side of things, there’s nothing more gratifying than when we break new IPs – innovative games we bring to PlayStation fans.”

His prime example is the recent success of Heavy Rain, and how there’s very little quite like it on the market. It was a little interesting that it got the marketing it did, but 1.5 million units later, it clearly paid off. To boot, it seems the strategy is a little more gratifying as well. “…I think that’s what really brings the pleasure of working for Sony first party – we’re willing to take some risks and look at innovation.”

Hopefully this focus holds up. While one could argue that Microsoft pushing a game like Alan Wake shows that they have a similar aim, sporting new IP like inFamous or LittleBigPlanet shows that Sony may actually be a bit more excited about the idea of “new.” Well… one can hope at least.