Ubisoft’s has a downloadable PAX surprise

Ubisoft has revealed the line-up it’s bringing to PAX later in the week. While there are the usual suspects that attendees can get a glimpse of or go hands-on with — HAWX 2‘s multiplayer, first public showing of Child of Eden, Kinect titles Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and MotionSports etc. — the French publisher does have a little reveal in store: Outland, a downloadable title to appear on XBLA and PSN, will be getting its first dose of public attention at the event as plans for a “sneak peak” are in place.

The company’s biggest release, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, will of course also be present and in playable form. Those persuaded enough can even pre-order on-site and get a swanky t-shirt to show off their commitment with. And that’s just good marketing.