Worms dev steps back from third-party publishers, will publish its own, indie dev’s titles

UK-based Worms and Alien Breed developer Team 17 is moving away from dealing with third-party publishers and towards self-publishing via digital means.

“Digital distribution has allowed easy and direct access to the game for millions of customers at a time when it has become difficult to get attention at retail,” co-founder Martyn Brown has told MCV.

The UK-based developer plans a minimum of 15 releases this year alone — a target its recently restructured management team will assist with — and has “no ambitions to return to retail publishing.”

“I think that given the general malaise of the third party publisher ‘work-for-hire’ market, it is no surprise that a lot of developers are heading towards digital publishing as some kind of saviour.”

Next to publishing its own titles, Team 17 will also be working with indie developers and bring their properties to digital distribution platforms; “..a key aspect of our strategy going forward,” Brown points out.