Acronym reshuffle: AMD to shed ATI brand name

AMD announced that it will be shedding the ATI brand name from its graphics products after acquiring the company for $5.4 billion in 2006. The chip giant will instead affix the AMD brand name to its Radeon, FirePro and Eyefinity graphics product lines.

According to AMD spokesperson Drew Erskine, the change will take place by the end of the year and the brand swap won’t affect the company’s graphics product plans. Those plans played a big factor in the decision.

In 2011, AMD will introduce a line of new products based on AMD Fusion technology which merges AMD microprocessor and Radeon graphics technologies onto the same die. To avoid dropping an acronym bomb like, “AMD ATI [insert cool chip brand name here]” the company is choosing to keep it simple.

The decision also came down to brand recognition. According to The TechReport, internal brand research from AMD found that after surveying “several thousand discrete graphics aware respondents” globally, the AMD brand is stronger than ATI vs. graphics competitors. Those results indicated “permission” to consolidate under the AMD brand.