Atlus merging with mobile phone content provider

On October 1, Persona and Shin Megami Tensei publisher Atlus will be merged with mobile phone content provider Index, according to an official announcement from the two subsidaries’ parent company Index Holdings.

Before your ability to feel love solidifies, crumbles to dust and blows away on a tear tainted wind, you should know that although the Atlus name will no longer appear on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Atlus brand will continue to appear on game releases, like the upcoming HD release Catherine. Representatives from both Index Holdings and Atlus have confirmed that the impetus behind the merger is to more effectively and efficiently utilize resources between divisions, specifically when it comes to adapting Atlus’ intellectual properties for the mobile phone format. Atlus just recently announced  Persona 3 Social, a new mobile-only title coming to Japanese cellphone-based social networking service Mobage-town.

“Atlus is not becoming a mobile games company. This is purely a corporate maneuvering so that Index, which is a mobile games company, has easier access to Atlus IPs,” assured site administrator Inzaghi on Atlus’ official message board. “Don’t worry, guys. This is just some corporate organizational maneuvering and won’t affect anything we do.”