Epic brings Unreal Engine 3 to iPad/iPhone, announces Project Sword

Unreal Engine 3 has shown up all over the place when it comes to current-gen systems/PCs, but there’s one platform it hasn’t boldly gone just set; the iPad/iPhone. Epic Games changed that today however as they revealed UE3 is now available on the two through Epic Citadel, a free app that showcases the engine.

Citadel let’s you roam around a castle, admiring the tech on display (pics below), but if you’re looking for a real game you’ll have to wait until the newly announced Project Sword (working title). Developed by Chair Entertainment, the excellent devs behind the equally excellent Shadow Complex, Project Sword is described as an action-roleplaying adventure game to be released later this year.

We were all mighty impressed when John Carmack showed off the Rage engine (id Tech 5) running on apple’s hardware, so will UE3 have the same effect?