Guild Wars makes friends with 6.5 million

While all the news coming out of ArenaNet has been mostly about their upcoming game Guild Wars 2, that game’s predecessor has been humming along at the tune of 6.5 million sold. Despite still being eclipsed by that of World of Warcraft as far as total sales go, the 6.5 million units is a very impressive number for any MMO. These latest sales numbers must be music to ArenaNet’s ears, confirming the idea of developing a sequel.

It appears that ArenaNet and NCSoft are determined not to make the same mistake so many other MMOs and other game so often make: releasing their game too early. As such, they have been severely noncommittal with any type of release window and are taking a page out of Blizzard and id Software’s books, going with an “when it’s done” approach. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the fruits of their labors very soon as they’ll be giving the game’s first hands-on at PAX 2010, which starts Friday.