Ubisoft “cautious” about new triple-A IP

Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft may be done with introducing new blockbuster properties this generation, as getting a triple-A product off the ground these days is seen as a daunting task, European MD Alain Corre has told gi.biz; “…you have to invest much, much more marketing to establish it, and if you add up the huge costs of development plus the investment in marketing you cannot be 100 per cent sure the target audience you’d expect, which is needed for the comeback on the investment.”

Corre doesn’t rule it out but does say the French developer/publisher is “cautious” about introducing new AAA brands, “especially in this part of the cycle of the consoles,” and will instead be focusing on existing ones and bringing them “to the next level in terms of quality.”

No I Am Alive next spring after all then?

New IPs that don’t quite fit in the blockbuster category can still be expected, however: “We are still releasing some new franchises, [next week’s] RUSE is one, but it’s a niche so we know the size of the market for real-time strategy games. We think with RUSE what we’ve invested so far we’ll be able to find the right consumers and be profitable.

“With niche games it’s possible to have a hit more than in the triple-A space, especially in the fourth and fifth year of the console cycle. We would expect franchises to be established now.”