Microsoft: Kinect capable of 1:1 tracking

Nothing sours the mood of a controller-free party faster than the arrival of the most annoying of party crashers, input lag. But according to Microsoft,  latency will be one less guest invited to Kinect’s first birthday bash, with the company claiming 1:1 response times that are “as fast as pushing a button.”

“We already have the 1:1 stuff working really well and the response time is just as fast as pushing a button or making a gesture,” said Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda in an interview with Xbox360Achievements.

“We’ve done tests back at the office where we have a TV, flash a light on the screen and we’ll have a controller, and have someone there hitting a button, and someone with Kinect clapping as soon as they see the light on the screen, and both things go just as fast as one another.”

This is good news for Dance Central, Harmonix’s launch lineup rhythm game, where delay-free dance moves will make or break the experience. But dry your tears input lag, that PlayStation Move evite might still be on the way. Just kidding!