Ubisoft has Bloody Good Time

Ubisoft is set to change things up a bit with its new IP. No more shall they just be associated with the creepy crawly Sam Fisher, the creepy crawly Altaïr/Ezio, and the wall crawling Prince. Now it’s on to the finer things — first-person shooters and clowns.

Details are limited, but Ubisoft has announced that Bloody Good Time is set to hit Xbox Live Arcade and Steam this fall. Running the Source engine, the FPS will be based on a movie set and allows players to choose the backdrop of the game, from the cliche spring break beach house to a Vegas hotel. The game lets up to eight players shoot it out for a starring role in the “film,” all of them able to choose from the typical scary movie cast of characters, like the bikini babe, clown, and the jock. Check a couple of shots of them below.

I only wonder if there’s a part where you fall down and hurt your ankle while trying to get away.. that’s the super scary movie cliche and without it the whole thing falls apart.