Why was L.A. Noire delayed?

As announced earlier today, the long-in-development L.A. Noire is now officially a 2011 title. But why?

Speaking on publisher Take-Two’s earnings call, executives shed a little light on the crime title’s slip; delivering a groundbreaking A+ game can, wouldn’t you know it, ‘take a while’.

Aussie developer Team Bondi is “pushing the envelope” with this one, it was said. Couple that with T2 being mindful of what the competition is doing and you have all the makings of a good delay; the publisher wants L.A. Noire to have a “rational release schedule” and will try to pick the right marketing window for it.

The success of Red Dead Redemption was brought as an example; the western too spent many, many year’s in development but was released in a window where it could do the most damage. As an executive put it on the call, picking the right release window allowed the game to ‘take down’ titles that were both on schedule and on budget (that would be UFC Undisputed 2010).

To date, Red Dead Redemption has sold 6.9 million copies worldwide.

There’s “nothing else quite like” L.A. Noire out there in terms of technology and gameplay, it was added, and it’s a title “worth waiting for.” It’s now expected in the first half of 2011.