Kirby’s Epic Yarn trailer is adorable (surprise!)

A new trailer for Kirby’s Epic Yarn was let out recently, showing off some story along with some new gameplay clips. Despite being completely in Japanese, it becomes clear that the notion of “cute, pink, fluffy dude” is very transcendent when it comes to different cultures.

The first 25 seconds or so are all about the story, which is as intense as most Kirby stories have been in the past (in other words, not that intense). It’s all narrated in Japanese, but the storyboard-style presentation makes it all clear: Kirby tries to eat a yarn maximum tomato, angry yarn wizard comes out, Kirby is transported into a sock/yarn dimension–nothing too crazy.

The rest of the video sports gameplay footage, showing off the Yoshi-Story-on-candy-flavored-steroids art style, co-op gameplay, and the variety of forms Kirby can spin himself into. The final moments of the trailer even show a little King Dedede love too, just in case there were any worries regarding returning characters.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is set to drop in stores on October 17th for North America and the first quarter of 2011 for Europe.