Red 5 Studios announces, shows off Firefall

Red 5 Studios has at last revealed its firstborn: Firefall.

A team-based first/third-person shooter that has a bit of a mini-MMO flavor to it, the game “thrusts hundreds of players together into a lush, dynamic open world combining intense competitive multiplayer and large-scale cooperative gameplay,” says the official word.

Firefall adopts a free-to-play model but does offer a marketplace where players can purchase optional but gameplay enhancing items. Updates, new content and world events will all be available for free, however.

The game’s expected at the “end of 2011,” with Red 5 currently taking applications for an upcoming beta. Catch the details on that on the official game site here.

As for media; see above for a 3-minute CG trailer, below for over 10 minutes of pure gameplay, and the gallery for a few screenshots.