Did a drunk man really just give away the title of Red Dead Redemption’s sequel?

Of course they’ll make another game in the Red Dead series. The thing’s coming up on selling 7 million units! You don’t just let that sit around. So with the first game being Red Dead Revolver, and this one ending in Redemption, it’s always fun to guess what a subtitle might be called when the ol’ numbering system isn’t used. Not a crucial detail, no, but one of those fun speculations that it certainly doesn’t hurt to wonder about.

If a drunken fellow who’s “a services provider currently working on some early technical work” for the next game is to be trusted, the next game may well be called Red Dead Revolution. It’s not the first the title’s been heard, as it was the initial name for the now-beloved Redemption. On that note, it could well be a project name and nothing more. Odds are we won’t learn anything for a good while, so let the guessing continue.

Also, between this and the whole leaked iPhone 4 debacle, it’s hard to hope that my next bar visit leads me to a drunken employee from Valve who’s been hard at work on Half-Life 2: Episode 3.