The MMO Round-Up / Sept 5

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Guild Wars recently hit the 6.5 million players mark, meanwhile ArenaNet is showing a big presence at this year’s PAX.

It has been a trailer centric week this week and we’ll start the proceedings with a weaponskill trailer for Final Fantasy XI.

Tasos of the Darkfall dev team have reassured their EU constituent that the latency issues are getting resolved.

En Masse COO Patrick Wyatt discussed lag, security and an mature rating for their game TERA.

In a community addressed letter from the Age of Conan dev team, they talked of new content coming to the game.

If you’re not already playing it, the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV started this week, so head over and get in on the fun.

Our heads begin to scramble whenever we peep at a look at this insanely complex screenshot of Earthrise’s crafting system.

A new game director was ushered in for Final Fantasy IX and Akihiko Matsui addressed the players of his game.

The August Producer’s Letter from Mythic talked about new RvR content coming to Warhammer Online.

NetDevil producer Joe Grubb talked about Jumpgate Evolution’s event-based content this week.

Have another trailer, this one is for the latest expansion for Battle of the Immortals.

And yet another trailer to digest, this time for the Final Fantasy XI: Scars of Abyssea expansion.

The family friendly Wizard101 celebrated its second year of success this past week.

Vindictus is slated to start its second phase of beta testing on Sept 15.

The new update coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online is set to bring half-breed races to the game: Half-elves and half-orcs.

Project MyWorld has been purchased from Realtime Worlds and the fate of APB is still in limbo.

There’s an app for that! ArenaNet announced that there will be smartphone apps to tie into Guild Wars 2.

38 Studio’s loan from Rhode Island might be in peril as political opinions stir into the mix.

Here are a couple videos showing off how some of the talent trees are set up in Rift, pretty cool stuff.

Step right up and get yourself another trailer titled Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic.

CCP was also in the business of releasing trailers this week and this one is for EVE Online.