Duke Nukem IP now owned by Gearbox

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software are not only finishing up 3D Realms’ long-in-development Duke Nukem Forever — currently in the polishing phase — but now also own all rights to games starring the blonde-haired muscle mountain; speaking during the developer’s PAX panel over the weekend, CEO Randy Pitchford — a former 3D Realms employee — revealed that the Duke Nukem intellectual property is now owned by his studio.

“I feel like I owe Duke Nukem my career,” Pitchford said on the panel, also emphasizing that Duke Nukem Forever “is 3D Realms’ game.”

“I didn’t buy [Duke] from them, they sold it to me.”

According to 3D Realms’ head George Broussard, Gearbox is “the only home appropriate for the Duke Nukem brand.”

“They are very talented and possess the perfect perspective and understanding of the brand,” he said in a statement. “Their vision for its future direction is exciting and unbelievable. I personally cannot wait for fans to see their unique take on the franchise.”

The details of the deal went undisclosed, with Pitchford only adding that the studio is “ecstatic that we have grown to a position to be able to pick up and carry the torch and help Duke rise back to glory in his time of need.”

“Fans of the legendary hero and all the incredible talent that have ever helped him all deserve the very best support that we can bring.”