id’s Rage at “tuning” stage

According to id Software design director Matt Hooper, the studio’s upcoming – and gorgeous – action title Rage is currently at a “tuning” stage. Hooper’s explained that all gameplay elements are present, but at this stage, the studio has a lot of fine tuning details to do, which expectedly will take quite a while.

“Most of the elements are present but it’s a big game and there are a lot of different gameplay elements,” he said. “When you go through everything – vehicle combat, the shooter elements, complex NPC interaction, mini-games – there’s a lot there so it takes a long time to polish all of those elements.”

Hooper also commented on why the game has taken this much time to develop. If you can’t recall its announcement, it was back in 2007. The simultaneous release on PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 sure makes people break a sweat or two, but building a game that’ll “run at 60fps on all the platforms” on a “brand new technology” (referring to the id Tech 5 engine) made the development stretch a bigger one than expected.

“That was a big change from what we’ve done in the past, so that’s the thing that caused the most amount of work.”

The game is still a year from being released. Nonetheless, it looks gorgeous already and will probably be worth the wait, mark our words.