Amazon poaches Xbox Live founding father

Mega-huge retailer Amazon clearly has its sights set on digital gaming, as the company has poached Xbox Live founding father Andre Vrignaud.

His official title at his now former-company was director of game platform strategy, and he helped create Xbox Live.  But now he’s with Amazon, creating something he can’t yet talk about.

The revelation came via the man’s blog, where he scribed the following: “Well, I guess I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I’m moving on from Microsoft to take a new role at Amazon. Can’t really talk about details at this point, but it’ll become pretty evident soon enough… and you all know where my passions lie.

I make this announcement with mixed emotions as I’m excited about where Microsoft is going in the next few years as they look to reinvent digital entertainment… but I’m also obviously very intrigued about what Amazon is looking to do. And add to that some of the smaller “intangible” benefits (such as a much shorter commute, dogs allowed at work, working in Seattle proper, etc.) it felt like the right time.”

Congrats, Andre. Now show us what Amazon is up to!