Valve picks up DOTA2, DOTA3 trademarks

Valve may be planning on getting a foothold in the RTS/RPG market; in addition to “DOTA,” the developer’s also been discovered to have filed trademarks for both “DOTA2” and “DOTA3.” Not exactly assurance of an impending trilogy, granted, but it does appear that the developer’s looking ahead and covering their bases.

DOTA — Defense of the Ancients — is a popular fan-created Warcraft III mod that the Half-Life studio’s looking to turn into a commercial stand-alone product. At least, that’s the popular consensus after it hired one of the mod’s original developers and registered the first trademark.

Duke Nukem voice man Jon St. John recently tweeted about having recorded for the project as well.

The trademarks were filed for last week, on September 2nd. The one for “DOTA” was filed for last month, on August 10th.

One of Valve’s three big surprises, surely?