Dissidia Final Fantasy sequel incoming

You know the PSP may be running dry on full blown AAA retail releases these days, but you can always depend on the Final Fantasy series to have a promising title or two lined up for the system. The franchise is responsible for some of the best games on Sony’s handheld, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy is no exception.

So it makes sense that a sequel to every FF fan’s dream is on its way. Adding another brilliant word to the title, Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy was confirmed by Weekly Shounen Jump (which, judging by the name is┬áJapanese), who also┬árevealed that Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning and Kain from the upcoming Final Fantasy IV will be playable.

We’re likely to find out more at TGS, but I’d really like to see some characters from spin-offs such as War of Lions. Who else would you like to see?