Konami announces Silent Hill 8

Konami announced today that the eighth installment of their long-running franchise, Silent Hill 8 (working title), will be making its way to PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.

Having just announced the title, not many details concerning gameplay were spilled, as Konami plainly said that the game will be a “third person horror experience” with a “thought provoking storyline”–yup, sounds like Silent Hill to me. Konami also mentioned variable side quests that appear and change depending on the player’s play style, revealing more elements of the story and the parties involved.

A little dirt was found on the story, though, as Konami told that the story begins after a prison transport vehicle veers off the road and leaves inmate Murphy Pendleton to fend for himself in Silent Hill. Being a prison inmate, there’s a good chance Konami has a lot to play with regarding the main character’s darker side, which has always been a recurring element in Silent Hill games.

There’s also a good chance we may be hearing more about Silent Hill 8 when Tokyo Game Show rolls around next week–stay tuned.