Spector already talking Epic Mickey sequel

Renowned role-playing game designer Warren Spector’s first foray into the darker side of Disney, Epic Mickey, is still more than a month from release and already there’s talk of a sequel. Of course, so far Spector is the only one doing the talking.

“I’ve been pretty upfront that I have no interest at all in doing something that’s just a one shot,” Spector told Official Nintendo Magazine. “Certainly it has been conceived as something that could become a franchise because that’s all I’m interested in doing. Not because I want to build a brand and make a ton of money but because there are so many stories to tell. Whether that actually happens is way above my pay grade.”

Disney hasn’t made any announcements concerning Epic Mikey 2, but the enthusiasm of Junction Point’s founder for making more games in the dark vein of Epic Mickey pretty much guarantees a sequel as long as the first game doesn’t bomb. Far be it from Disney not to carefully cultivate an exciting new franchise only to drive into the ground. Cough*Pirates of the Caribbean*Cough.