David Cage possibly to expand market share with next project

David Cage, the man behind the PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, put it out there that his next project might very well be a multiplatform game. Though he felt no regrets delivering the thriller to Sony’s console solely, when asked about his next project, Cage did mention that Quantic Dream is not really “looking for anything” just yet, but that making a game for more platforms is certainly an option.

“We’re not looking at anything, we have people asking, and we’re seeing different options. We’re really thankful of Sony’s support and the relationship we have because there are very few publishers that would have supported Heavy Rain the way they supported us,” said Cage, adding that bringing Heavy Rain for the PS3 was perfect: “it was the right platform for what we wanted to achieve, it was the platform with the Blu-ray disc, promoting movies, promoting a more sophisticated entertainment experience.

“With Heavy Rain it was right, but after Heavy Rain the question can be asked whether we should stick to one platform or open out to different platforms. Now that we’re established why are we limiting ourselves to one share of the market when we can reach more. There are pros and cons and it’s not an easy decision.”