Katamari creator parts ways with Namco Bandai

The King of All Cosmos may have coughed up his last royal rainbow, as it has been announced that Katamari creator Keita Takahashi is parting ways with Namco Bandai.

While Namco Bandai remains silent on the circumstances surrounding the split, and what it means for the future of the reluctant game designer’s strange creations, Takahashi’s departure comes as no surprise to anyone paying attention to his brutally blunt interview responses over the years. Around the time of Katamari Damacy‘s release, he implied children’s time would be better spent playing outside. Two years later around the time of Noby Noby Boy‘s release, he confessed to being sick of the Katamari series. And just a week ago, in an interview with The Setup, he kissed job security goodbye by admitting “[He was] so inefficient [he] only made four games in 11 years.”

“I was originally a sculptor… But I wanted to express myself in a wider way. So that’s why I came to the games industry, but actually, you know, it’s not been so much fun,”  Takahashi once revealed to GameSpot. “Those who touched my sculpture…at least they smiled.”

And now, hearing this news, those who have played your whimsical, wonderful games over the past six years have had reason to frown, too.