Need for Speed World 1 million strong, goes free-to-play

EA’s Black Box-developed online racer Need for Speed World has surpassed the one million registrants mark, the publisher/developer has announced. And that in just under two months; the game launched on July 13 for those with early access.

In addition, the MMO racer has switched gears and now follows a free-to-play model.

Previously free of charge up to level 10 only ($20 Starter Pack was required to play beyond), all 50 levels are now within reach without paying a penny. Those itching to reach the finish line faster can still buy their way there, however. Priced SpeedBoost items like power-ups, double XP, rental cars etc are available.

New content is on the horizon as well. More precisely: “new features and game-expanding content including more cars, deep performance customization, a new world region and a co-op pursuit mode.” Expect these things “in the coming weeks and months.”