Sony never to “outspend” Microsoft

Closing in on the launch of PlayStation Move, Sony seems to be confident – or cocky – enough to state fight-provoking comments. Although this might not be the biggest one they’ve said, Sony America’s Peter Dille recently reckoned his company will never “outspend” Microsoft.

“I don’t think we’ll ever outspend Microsoft,” said Dille. “Our perspective has become much more bullish as we get closer to launch. We’ve had a chance to get people playing our system … The feedback we’ve gotten has been unanimous and tremendous. It’s, ‘I see what you mean about this precision thing.’ Our pre-orders continually are ramping up with consumers, retailers want to get more product.”

When asked about a possible shortage of the tech at retailers, Dille said that would be “a high-class problem to have,” even though it’s been brought to his attention that retailers would like more units shipped to them. He also added that while the economy is still standing on bendy legs, confidence is high that consumers will spend their money on Move bundles. “We know many families might have had to forgo the big expensive vacation; you may not put a second addition on the house. But what we also know is families are looking for value.”

As far as the PS3 goes, “we’re pretty comfortable with $299. We feel like it’s a true sweet spot. Since we announced that last year, we’ve been challenged to keep the PlayStation in stock,” said Dille.