Rumor: BioWare working on new handheld game

In addition to developing Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2,  a Star Wars MMO, and pumping out piles of DLC, it looks like Canadian studio BioWare has found the time to jump back into the world of handheld gaming. The existence of an unannounced title was leaked through the QA Lead’s LinkedIn profile, which lists “Unannounced Handheld Game” under current projects. This just goes to show that people don’t miss anything, and also that it would be really, really easy for any employee at a high-profile game company to start a rumor on a whim.

BioWare’s previous and only handheld title, Sonic Chronicles for the DS, is also the company’s most critically panned title (and yet, still the highest rated Sonic game in years). Obviously, nothing meaningful is known about this upcoming game. It could be a sequel to Sonic; it could be some handheld Mass Effect or Dragon Age game; it could be in 3D! Hell, it could be a yachting simulator, a 3D yachting simulator with online multiplayer. All we know right now is that it probably exists.