Visceral premieres Dead Space 2 multiplayer

Although info on Isaac Clarke, the new enemies, the new location, the zero-g environments, etc. of Dead Space 2‘s single-player campaign was spilled by producer Rich Briggs and included in the latest GTTV, the biggie was the debut footage of the game’s multiplayer.

In order for that portion of the game to be long-lasting fun, as explained by executive producer Steve Papoutsis, it had to “make sense” for Dead Space, meaning we won’t be seeing an all-out brawl between engineers, which does make sense. Instead, the battle for survival will see players teaming up as a squad of engineers against an onslaught of enemies – or friends – taking command of the disgusting necromorphs themselves.

No traditional deathmatch mode will be available on launch. All modes will be objective-based and will see the squad of engineers do missions across five different maps while trying to stay away from the four types of necromorphs available: the “pack” for short range melee attacks; the “lurker” for long distance attacks; the “spitter” which is the female of the bunch with the ability to spit you to death; and the “puker” which probably doesn’t need any kind of explanation.

One other thing mentioned about the multiplayer in DS2 – and a concept we’re far too unfamiliar with in today’s games – is the teamwork needed to survive. Helping out the members of the squad when being attack will earn you points and level up and there’s no such things as being a lone-wolf here, meaning if you go off wandering by yourself thinking you can save the world, you’re most likely to die a painful and gruesome death. Work together… or die together.