Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘won’t be consolified’

The recent media around Deus Ex: Human Revolution has stirred up quite a bit of excitement. Not only is a classic game making what looks to be a triumphant return, but it’s also going to be the series’ first serious entry in the console realm. Naturally, this will cause some long-time fans to fear the worst: a watered down form of the original experience. This happens so the broader console gaming populace can find a game more accessible, and has caused dismay with titles like Unreal Tournament 3 and Borderlands to name but a few. But the developers stand firm, saying this game will “absolutely not” be “consolified.”

Lead designer Jean-Francois Dugas was approached with the concern after stating that their goal with Human Revolution will be to “keep the essence of Deus Ex alive but at the same time fit a modern, global audience.” His response to whether we’d see a watered down version of the relatively-complex formula: “Absolutely not. I think PC is a great platform, but I think consoles are a great platform, too.” He then describes his belief that the two platforms have a lot more in common than they did in 2000, which is when the first Deus Ex was released, saying it’s another form of media convergence like we’re seeing in television, radio, and internet.

“We can [still] have a very deep experience, but it’s important that if you want to just jump in to it, you can jump in to it. It’s not about removing complexity or cutting possibilities: it’s about the way the complexity is introduced.”

Doesn’t really sound like PC users will get a more distinct experience ala Dragon Age. But I suppose we’ll learn how well the complexity of Deus Ex is introduced soon enough, as the game is slated to appear sometime in ‘early 2011‘ on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.