Martian Armageddon to occur in May 2011

Publisher giant THQ today announced that Red Faction Armageddon, the “true spirit” installment in the Mars-based third-person shooter, will be hitting shelves in May 2011. Although that is a delay, it’s still pretty close to its initial scheduled release date which was only a mere two months earlier, in March.

Armageddon will take you far below the surface of the red planet, where there are no turf wars, no gang fights and most definitely, no dudes dressed in purple – although not confirmed – like in mind-blowing Saints Row 3, which incidentally has been confirmed to take over stores fall 2011, read THQ’s press release.

Other games scheduled to be released 2011 are Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, MX vs. ATV AliveUFC and WWE.