Metal Gear Solid Rising dev fears GTA-style backlash

Kojima Productions’ Shigenobu Matsuyama, producer of Metal Gear Solid Rising, has spoken publicly about his fear that the studio’s upcoming slicing and dicing action game will be bashed by critics of the gaming industry.

Learning from the receptions of the Grand Theft Auto, Metal of Honor and Call of Duty series in recent years, Matsuyama told Eurogamer that the game will, in fact, try to discourage players from mindlessly slicing up humans, and that he expects gamers’ consciences to punish them if they do so accidentally.

If you check out Rising’s debut trailer, you’ll see protagonist ninja Raiden chopping up enemy humans from an rather artistic range of angles. The trailer was decidedly remorseless and shows a strikingly different approach to the moral one Matsuyama is describing.

However, Matsuyama insists that the game won’t be dumbed down; “I’m not saying this will be a game for children. It’s a game for adults. Therefore I didn’t want to lie. If you make a mistake something will happen in order to make it real and make you feel it’s real as well.

“That kind of image from the trailer you saw I thought was needed. But again, that trailer is almost an exaggeration of what you could do. We’re not going to persuade people to do that.”

Metal Gear Solid Rising is due for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011.