Stardock has rough summer, lays off staff, shelves games

Remember when Stardock was going to single handedly revolutionize and reinvigorate computer gaming? Well, the release of Elemental: War of Magic has produced a speedbump in the company’s rise to world domination. The game was released last month and was bug-ridden to the point of near unplayability.

Internally developed by Stardock, Elemental was expected to be a big seller and important cash generator for the company. Recently, CEO Brad Wardell had to cop to the massive failure, stating: “If the game had come out in February, it would still have been a disastrous launch because lack of time wasn’t the issue. It was blindness, sheer blindness. We felt the game was finished… There will be massive consequences for Stardock’s game studio. I’ll be talking more about this when I get back. But the game wasn’t released early. The game was released poorly.”

Wardell went on to talk about the financial impacts for the company, explaining that future projects would have to be shelved and staff would have to be let go due to Elemental’s inability to sell like hot cakes.