Zero-G multiplayer “not planned” for Dead Space 2

Two out of five maps have been confirmed for Dead Space 2’s objective-based multiplayer. However, speaking with Niall Hayes, EA’s senior director of development at last week’s media reveal, he confirmed that a zero gravity multiplayer map is likely not in the cards for the remaining three.

“It’s not planned,” Niall told us on whether zero-g will be part of Dead Space 2 multiplayer. “We did toy with the idea, but found that being in zero-g and floating around was not a fun multiplayer experience. We’re not ruling it out. We’re happy with the objective modes for now, and there will be other tie-ins between single player and multiplayer still to come.”

Rats. Although zero-g multiplayer would’ve been tough to maneuver via Dead Space’s original platform-to-platform jumping sequences, the free-floating and more improved zero-g control in DS2 could’ve made for a limb-tearing good time.

More to come on what the remaining three maps entail, but we’re all for Visceral squeezing in as many tie-ins to single-player mode as possible.