Duke not holding back other Gearbox franchises

The guys are Gearbox Software are busy boys; right now they’re working on more Borderlands content and the long awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines. However with the recent ressurection of Duke Nukem Forever at PAX and the heavy focus on the game at the show, we’re a bit worried that the developer’s other projects may suffer.

Not so says Randy Pitchford, boss at the studio, “At the Penny Arcade Expo where we first unveiled Duke Nukem Forever to the fans, Gearbox Software hosted a panel where I provided an update regarding all of the projects we are involved with. I think it was clear to everyone who attended that panel that Gearbox Software and I are very committed to our games and our brands.”

So there’s still plenty of reason to look forward to the developers other projects, even if I have been waiting for Aliens for years now.