Homefront studio: Rising dev costs pose greatest challenge to games industry

Speaking with NowGamer, Kaos Studios’ Zach Wilson expressed that the “rising cost of game development” represents the “biggest issue” facing the games industry today.

Wilson should know. He’s lead level designer on Homefront, THQ’s answer to some bank-breaking titles that you’ve probably heard of…Call of Duty: Black Ops and Medal of Honor.

“Many developers are in a position where they have to sell millions of their title to stay afloat,” he says. “If things continue to trend the way they are trending right now, you won’t be able to make a game of acceptable quality unless you have a 300 man team of specialists using high end data acquisition tools.”

Even EA has set the bar at “at least three million copies” in order to justify a Medal of Honor sequel. Despite the challenges facing Kaos (and the industry), Homefront is shaping up to be a title that we’re willing to bet will help THQ recoup its investment.

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