Hot Pursuit’s world 4 times that of Paradise City

The gameworld of this year’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit dwarfs developer Criterion Games’ previous creation, Burnout Paradise‘s Paradise City.

Talking in a recent interview, Criterion’s Matt Webster said the reboot’s world to be four times as large as what was seen 2008’s Paradise; a necessity for the vehicles present.

“Put simply, it’s around four times bigger than Burnout Paradise, for cars to be able to usefully reach 260 miles an hour,” Webster said, noting that gearheads can look forward to “well over 100 miles of tarmac” as well as 30-40% more off-road and shortcuts; “We’ve opened a lot of that space up for race and chase, as you are playing online versus human cops.

“At night time, you can just turn your lights off and hide behind a bush, something that isn’t really achievable with AI. When you include elevation changes, it’s a chunk of room. For anyone familiar with Burnout, it’s about four times larger.”

The racer’s out next month; North America on November 16, and Europe on the 18th.