Kazuma faces his greatest threat in new Yakuza – uh… zombies?

So far the Yakuza series has told intricate plots of betrayal, love, death, and more, all wrapped around life in the Japanese mafia. Story has always been something the series has prided itself on, and Yakuza: Of the End is no different — oh wait, it’s entirely different.

We’ve all got a lot of new questions about the new game; is it the last one? Why was the setting of Kamurocho destroyed? Instead of answering these questions in Famitsu however, the developers have instead decided to bring up a much bigger, very important one; WHY ARE THERE ZOMBIES IN YAKUZA?

Yep, in the spirit of “taking the series in a new direction”, the next PS3 entry will star everyone’s favourite walking dead taking on everyone’s favourite dragon-tattooed mobster, Kazuma. This time around there are still four players to control, but the focus is much more shooting and survival than fists and… karaoke (don’t think there’ll be much time for that in this one).

Series head Toshihiro Nagoshi doesn’t expect this oen to be the last game in the series despite what we’ve seen, but he won’t confirm it as a sequel to Yakuza 4 either. Personally I applaud the team for addressing the serious issue of the series starting to tire of the same formula. Will the new Yakuza play like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising? TGS should be the place to find out.