Western Devil May Cry comes to life, coming from Ninja Theory

There’s no shortage of Capcom news today; the company has revealed another title at its pre-TGS conference, and this time it’s the one fans have been waiting for; a new Devil May Cry, although it looks to be more of a reboot than a sequel.

Capcom have decided to keep the game shrouded in a bit of mystery still but the title DmC: Devil May Cry should be enough to get fans heated up. A trailer (above) revealed a young character going by the name of Dante and sporting two pistols and a sword. It sounds more than a little familiar to us but then take a look at the screenshots here and you’ll find a very different look for our hero; his hair is much shorter and black, as opposed to his usual blonde look. On top of that, the red coat has seemingly be turned inside out for a black suit look. According to a later press release, Dante’s out for revenge in a world where the lines between good and evil aren’t so obvious.

Oh and of course, Ninja Theory are heading up development, just like all the rumors were point to. Will a Western developed DmC breathe new life into the series? If the developer’s upcoming game Enslaved is any kind of an indicator, then quite possibly.

The game is set for a 360/PS3 release.