nail’d changes the off-road racing game, leaderboard too

Ever since Call of Juarez developers Techland switched from the wild west to some wild wheels, there has been talk about nail’d, but one thing that  we haven’t discussed is what’s really so different about the game. With Dirt and PURE headlining the off-road racing genre, I wondered where nail’d would fit in the picture and just why I should prefer it over the others. Thankfully, TVGB met up with Aubrey Norris, the game’s PR manager, at PAX 2010 and she helped to properly school me.

One thing Norris is adamant about is that nail’d is not a serious simulation racer, far from it. This game is an arcade style racer and it knows it, throwing drivers off huge cliffs in Yosemite Park, the Andes Mountains, Greece, and Arizona at a million miles an hour and daring them to come back and ask for more. She tells us not to think about doing any tricks while miles in the air though, because while nail’d throws the laws of physics out the window — “You’ll take a jump and then do a hair pin turn in the air and turn all the way around.” —  it is strictly about the blistering speed and winning the race. Norris says that tricks weren’t included in the game because “you spend so much time trying to nail the landing for all the jumps that you don’t have enough time to do [tricks] because the level designs are so crazy and over the top.”

The developers wanted to take the game to the next level in every possible way, so much so that they even changed the typical leaderboard system. Sure, nail’d will have the usual worldwide and friends leaderboard just like in every other multiplayer game, but they are throwing in local standings too. Norris told  us that when the game is put in the drive for the first time, it will ask what state we live in. Using that information, we can see where we rank in a more localized area. The way she explained it is being 300,000 in the world means nothing, but being number five in Texas? Well, that’s serious nerd cred.

With no tricks, pure speed, over the top levels, and a new type of leaderboard for us to become all OCD over, nail’d is about as arcadey a racer as we could hope for. Let’s just hope the full game holds up when it hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC worldwide this October 22.