Take-Two’s Ben Feder calls PS Move “Wii HD”

In a recent appearance at the Kaufman Brothers, M.P. Investor Conference, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder boldly stated that young Wii owners are likely to “graduate” to the PS Move and Kinect, claiming the PS Move to be the “Wii HD” in particular.

“What Sony and Microsoft have really done with Kinect and Move, especially Move, is provide a bridge for guys that are used to playing the Wii system with the wand and bringing them over to a HD system. The PS3 with Move, in my view, is the Wii HD system. I think maybe mom isn’t playing, but the kids are graduating, and Microsoft and Sony have both provided a bridge to bring them over.”

In case you were getting the feeling that Feder is somehow backhanding the Wii like I was, Feder goes on to give Nintendo credit for raising a generation of children.

“I do believe Nintendo did widen the audience,” Feder said. “I can’t tell you how many people are going to graduate, but I do believe that raised a generation of kids to play videogames that are now growing up and wanting a true HD experience.”

Are these words fightin’ words? Let us know what you think the man associated with Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead games is getting at.