Activision ‘likely’ to sell cut-scenes as $20-30 products

Activision is looking into monetizing game cut-scenes as stand-alone products.

Speaking during this speech at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference, CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that selling cinematics from games like StarCraft II separately is something the company is considering.

He explains: “If we were to go to our audience and say we have this great hour-and-a-half of linear video that we would like to make available to you at a $30 price point or $20 price point, you’d have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever.”

This is likely to be realized “within the next five years,” he adds, in partnership with somebody or alone. “But there will be a time when we capitalize on the relationship that we have with our audience.”

The films would be sold as digital downloads, and perhaps seven released in cinemas.