“Friends from afar,” new MOH experience trailer

If Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had its “moments,” then Medal of Honor is having its “experiences.” Part four of these short trailers showing gameplay footage from either the multiplayer or single-player portion of the game has been released.

Part one, two and three are here, here and here, respectively.

This latest one is all about the campaign, so consider yourself spoiler-warned. If you’re still reading, that’s most likely an indication that you love the game, that you don’t care or that you’re probably just buying it to bust some heads online. Whatever the case, who needs an eagle eye when you have a .50 cal sniper rifle in your head, right? Snipers can be a bitch, but having the good ones on your side sure makes life on the frontline just a little bit easier! That, and mines!

A repaired – yet under pressure – Medal of Honor is coming out in a mere month on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.