Kamiya: “I believe” Bayonetta 2 is coming

PlatinumGames’ director Hideki Kamiya “believes” that a Bayonetta sequel will end up materializing.

While replying (via) to a fan question on whether or not there’ll be a Bayonetta 2, Kamiya simply replied “I believe so.” That’s non-Fox Mulderish belief, then, fingers crossed.

He later added: “She’ll be back if you believe so.”

Kamiya’s said in the past that he doesn’t see anything wrong with creating a follow-up to the slightly mental beat-’em-up, but would like to see it approached from a different angle, “in the form of a spin-off.”

Publisher Sega, who owns the rights to the property, has mentioned a possible sequel, as well.

PlatinumGames’ latest title, Vanquish, will be released next month.