Kratos packing pre-order goodies

God of War: Ghost of Sparta‘s November release is fast-approaching, so it’s time to reveal all those lovely little bonuses you can get for pre-ordering the game.

The PlayStation Blog has listed no less than six items for the “ultimate exclusive DLC pack”, including stuff for your shiny PS3 too. First up is a digital copy of the game’s original soundtrack, which should be something to look forward to judging by the quality of previous games’ scores. Plus you can play through the game with a Legionnaire skin, and there’s a theme for your PSP too.

On the PS3 side you can score a PSN¬†avatar with Kratos’ mug ¬†and a dynamic theme. To round it off there’s a director’s documentary featuring every director on every God of War game past and present, including Mr. David Jaffe himself.

A pretty little package then, and one more reason to own what’s shaping up to be the best (read: only) game on PSP for the holidays.